PLD RHEED system with radiative heating.

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada.


  • Radiation heating for 2inch samples, compatible with flagstyle sample plates
  • 5DOF sample manipulation for RHEED studies and monolayer growth control
  • Beam scanning for growth on larger areas

This PLD-RHEED system is equipped with radiative heating for up to 2-inch samples, also compatible with flagstyle sample plates.

The heating stage is uniquely designed with five degrees of freedom, necessary for sample alignment during RHEED experiments.

To improve thickness homogeneity on larger samples, the beamline is equipped with beam scanning, which allows controlled and preprogrammed scanning motion of the laser pulse over the target.
This highly complete system combines the possiblity of full thin-film monolayer growth control on small samples, with the possibility of upscaling to 2inch samples.