linear transferline.

DTU, Lyngby, Denmark.

At DTU Denmark TSST installed a 6 meter linear transfer line connecting three TSST PLD systems and a sputter system.


  • Vacuum level is 10-9mbar
  • Connecting four systems, six in total possible
  • Motorised movement
  • TSST heaters, target carousels and flagstyle plate compatible
  • This linear transferline is compatible with TSST resistive heaters, TSST target carousels and equipped with a storage facility holding TSST heaters, target carousels and flagstyle sample plates. The system comes with a vacuum suitcase which can be connected to the transferchamber for transfer of flagstyle sample plates.

    The operational vacuum level is 10-9mbar.

    Movement of the trolley inside the transferline is motorised, with switches and indicators at the various systems for quick and easy heater and target carousel transfer.