wafer scale PLD system.

Large area PLD system handling wafers up to 4”.
Mask for combinatorial growth studies.


  • Large Area PLD system handling wafers up to 4”
  • Near identical parameter space compared to TSST small sample PLD systems
  • Loadlock for wafer and target transfer
  • Mask for combinatorial growth studies

TSST installed a large area PLD system allowing homogeneous growth on sample up to 4”. This system uniquely guarantees a near identical parameter space control compared to small-sample systems, which is the perfect system to investigate upscaling of PLD grown thin films.

The system is equipped with radiative heating, ensuring a homogeneous temperature distribution and temperature up to 900C.
Temperature is accurately measured with both thermocouple and pyrometer. The system is equipped with optics beam scanning for homogeneous growth on larger areas. The system is equipped with a loadlock for quick and easy wafer and targets loading. A moveable mask
can be used for combinatorial growth studies.